What's on your list of skills for resume writing that directly speaks to the job you want?

Top Ten Transferable List of Skills for Resume Success

Top Ten Transferable List of Skills for Resume Success

What's on your list of skills for resume writing that directly speaks to the job you want?
What’s on your list of skills for resume writing that directly speaks to the job you want?

Though many job seekers are unaware of it, all of their prior job experience can be an asset that ensures resume success. It is important for job seekers to understand the value of transferable list of skills for resume impact to attract an interview and, ultimately, a job offer.

Critically, evaluating your skill set in light of your future hiring manager’s needs can help you determine what skills are transferable to that new role, even if you are not formally trained in that area of expertise or job function.

The top ten transferable list of skills for resume success include:

1. Consulting

Employees should consider consulting as a transferable skill. Think about the acquired years of experience in hands-on positions. That experience grants employees the ability to provide consulting to others, sometimes without respect to the specific industry.

2. Management

Management is not always about managing staff—it can be management of people, teams, or daily work flow. For example, employees in warehousing and distribution are subjected to daily time constraints and production quotas that require perfecting time management skills and logistics management.

3. Supervision

Supervision, like management, may include staff or specific project supervision from start up to completion. These are sets of transferable skills that should be described on a resume.

4. Mentoring

In nearly every workplace, there is the “go-to” employee who seems to know where to locate equipment, staff members, resources, technical expertise, and otherwise “hidden” information that contributes to company success. Consider adding mentoring to a resume if responsibilities of a job include providing assistance to new hires and coaching teammates.

5. Human Resources

Human resources skills include a broad swath of expertise, such as training, benefits, employee recruitment, succession planning, and more, often irrespective of industry.

6. Research and Development

Every job includes a certain amount of research and development. An administrative or executive assistant is often required to research data on business competitors and “develop” the data into comprehensive management reports. Also, typical research and development expertise can pertain to laboratory experience, product development, process creation, or even root cause analysis.

7. Training

When an employee contributes to teammates’ development, that is training expertise even when the training is informal. Formalized training, on the other hand, can take place in classroom environments or in onboarding of new employees.

8. Technical Writing

This is an area of transferable skills that is borne of job experience and writing skills. Once a job is mastered, employees have the ability to create job descriptions for personnel, training suggestions for human resources and write technical reports for management and also for promotional purposes.

9. Sales and Marketing

Many jobs require employees to become involved in sales and marketing whether by direct contact with customers or through interface with vendors for their customers. Consider the amount of time and experience gained by customer contact that helps sales and marketing.

10. Public Relations

Many employees find themselves setting up annual company programs which include dealing with advertisements, media promotions, communications, and public relations in general.

In conclusion, when thinking about your specific list of skills for resume writing success, consider all of the experience you have. Critically review it to identify top transferable, marketable expertise, making your list of skills for resume writing unique, powerful, and compelling.

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