How It Works

How Everyday Resumes Prepares Your Perfect Resume and Cover Letter

5 Easy Steps to Resume Writing Success!

You’re about to improve your odds in your job search and beat your competition to your dream job!

Follow our simple steps, and you’ll have your professionally written resume in 3 days!

1. Choose and Purchase Your Everyday Resume

Visit our Products Page  to purchase your professionally written resume, your cover letter, and the special reports that will enhance your job search. Don’t forget to choose your complimentary professional resume design!

2. Complete Your Everyday Resume Online Resume Builder Profile.

Take as much time as you need to tell us everything about you, your job search, and your goals. Also, you’ll get a complimentary email course–straight to your inbox!–that will help you develop your career profile. When you are ready, and when your profile is complete, tell us here, and we’ll begin work on your professionally crafted resume and cover letter immediately!

3. Sit back and wait, worry-free, for your expert resume writer to craft your unique, one-of-a-kind, custom resume and cover letter!

Our certified resume writers will prepare your resume specifically about you, for your unique goals!

4. Look for your first drafts in the email you provided in your profile.

We’ll send your first draft in 3 business days!

5. Review your documents, and give us unlimited feedback!

We love feedback, and we love collaboration! So email us and tell us what is on your mind! You have the option to provide unlimited revisions by email for 7 days (24-hour turnaround on all revisions). After 7 days, we will still accept as many revisions as you might request, but you will be charged $25/hour (by 15-minute increments) for editorial time expended. If you need to speak to us directly about something, we’ll schedule one 15-minute complimentary review session with you; additional editorial calls will be billed at the above rates.

Congratulations! Your professionally written resume just improved your job search game!

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